Plantate Cannabim (Elandra)

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While Hotaru named the plant after hemp due to similar qualities as far as physical uses, this plant has no THC and cannot be used to get high. Either way, this weed is incredibly prolific and grows three times as fast as earth's Kudzu or Crab Grass. The reason this plant is not proliferating over everything is due to a chemical that makes it very appetizing for certain small insects. The plant can grow to heights of two feet at max, and releases spores to reproduce sexually. The weed contains a multitude of fibers that allow it to take plenty of physical punishment from large animals walking across it. Plantate Cannabim is a green plant, meaning that it produces, to a small extent, oxygen from CO2.

Plantate Cannabim's fibers can be crafted into a multitude of thread-based creations. Rope, clothing, and many other things can be woven from the thread of this plant. The thread needs excessive preparation, however, because a chemical on the fibers causes excessive itching... similar to poison ivy. Also, to note, that a few insects voraciously eat Plantate Cannabim. The thread is no exception and special precautions must be taken else one suddenly find themselves waking up to an empty closet.

Discovered, Categorized and Named by Hotaru