Fungus Radians (Elandra)

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Fungus Radians has no limit to its growth, for as long as it is decomposing dead material, it will grow continually. Glowing a soft yellow, this mushroom uses the material it decomposes and turns it into nutrients and light, giving it a great shine. It can even be as bright as a 100 watt light bulb if the dead material is heavily concentrated in the appropriate nutrient. When all material is decomposed, the mushroom will attain a purple color as the fungus begins to lyse and decompose itself. The toxins to this plant are actually harmless to carbon lifeforms and rather edible, even though the mushrooms can be eaten while they glow.

This mushroom is edible, and actually contains a psychosomatic drug in a very, very small amount. The brighter the mushroom is, the more of this drug is in the mushroom as it is a bi-product of their decomposition. A dead mushroom, one who has no more nutrients to decompose, contains a toxin that is simply a toxin to the mushroom meant to kill itself. It's actually rather flavorful, tasting distinctly of a certain food on earth. It has the potential to also be a long-lasting light source in emergency situations.

Discovered, Categorized and Named by Hotaru